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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Minnie homed

She went off on Tuesday to her new home

New entry
We are planning a mating between Peanut Brain Rosie and as I haven't a template for ped's yet all very basic again but I'm working on it
She is by Alport Fire Chief who is sired by Ch Alport Fire Cracker out of Wildstaff Miss-Chief
Her Mum is Alport Truly Scrumptious who is by Miekes My Boy Hemi out of Wildstaff Miss-Chief again
And the chosen Sire/boyfriend is
CH Tillcarr Renegade Flame aka Derek
Just have her eye screening to do and we are on a roll ...I'm hoping all goes well and she can produce us a nice litter and will update accordingly
Love this boy

Peanut is now mated to Derek, we went twice and now will wait and see....But will have her scanned with the Jajca good lady Ann-Marie and fingers crossed she will be...So will update when we know and aim to get some decent pic's of her

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Now me and computers

I'm really crap at setting up stuff so all is pretty basic I'm afraid...But wanted to put on Minnie who came back to Darkridge a couple of weeks ago. Nothing sinister the guy had a new contract which meant working away from home and he didn't think it was fair to leave a puppy for hours on end . She is now 11 weeks and they did have a list of bitch puppy folk but when were all sold they moved them onto other folk.
She is by Ruger (Alport Locknload) and Mum is Darkridge Contradiction who is by Niatona The Boy Wonder and her Mum is by Ch Judael Both Barrels at Nozac so some nice breeding
We went to see them at the weekend as they have a dog pup waiting to go abroad and they kept a bitch puppy and they are full on believe me and just the kind of characters that I love
Darkridge is Jane's Collars and leads so feel free to contact her for any more information regarding Minnie